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                                                Ethernet over DS3 Bandwidth

Metro ethernet is commonly offered at very reasonable prices when compared to other forms of bandwidth such as T1 or DS3. For example, in urban areas, T1 can now be obtained for as low as $200 per mbps, and full DS3 can be obtained for as low as $55 per mbps. In comparison, 100 mbps of metro optical ethernet can cost as little as $25 per mbps.  

Ethernet over DS1 and DS3 has a greater distance range, but cost more per mbps than ethernet over copper. By far, the least expensive option per mbps is Ethernet over fiber. This access is limited to buildings that are “lit” with fiber (have fiber running to them). For buildings that are not lit, fiber can be run to them, but this can be extremely expensive, depending on how far the business is from the nearest fiber route or central office. Some providers offer special sales which include free fiber build out for short distances.  

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